StyeWare, Inc.

1986 Started High Tech Career – StyeWare, Inc. – Vice President of Sales & Finance

1988 Sold 100% of shares to Apple Computer Subsidiary Claris Corporation

Investment Model: Started with a $20,000 Investment from a Credit Card (No Outside Capital)

Business Model: Developed Macintosh like Productivity Software for the Apple IIE/C, & Apple IIGS


1989 Formed Synergy Development Corporation

1998 Sold 100% of Shares Sold to E-Partners and in 2004 they were acquired by Ernst & Young

Investment Model: Started with $100,000 Initial Investment (No Outside Capital)

Business Model: Middle Market IT Management Consulting

1998 Formed later changed our name to

2002 Sold 100% of Shares to GSI Commerce

Investment Model: We raised multiple rounds of venture capital from, Benchmark Capital, Sequoia, Austin Ventures, LVMH and many others. In September of 1999 we went public with Goldman Sachs Company.

Business Model: Pureplay online Retailer of Luxury Goods, Watches and Diamonds.

Video Insight, Inc.

2002 Formed Video insight, Inc.

2015 Sold 100% of Shares to Panasonic Corporation

Investment Model: We initially invested $200K, and in 2014 we raised $1M from a local Family Office

Business Model: Developed Video Management Software

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