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Highpoint is a group of experienced operators and investors looking for entrepreneurs ready to actualize the next big ideas in tech. Feel like you were meant for something more but can’t quit your day job? A failed entrepreneur that lost the game in overtime due to a technical foul? If you have what it takes, we can provide the financial top cover for you to fight it out in the trenches.


Our 14K ft Viewpoint

Incubators, accelerators, VC, private equity, crowdfunding all play a valuable role in a start-up’s investment lifecycle. None are cradle-to-exit. Highpoint prefers to start at the early ideation phase, helping mold your vision and seeing it through to the end. We believe lasting success is predicated on a journey of hardship and struggle. We’re not interested in quick exits and marginal gains. We’re looking for people with the mental fortitude and agility to follow through a several year commitment to a substantial exit.
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Highpoint provides financial and operational support – without the carrot/stick games. We’re not here to control you, we’re not here to make decisions for you. At the end of the day we’re here to keep the lights on while you build an empire. Let us manage the day-to-day finances, HR, IT, marketing and legal so you can focus on thought-leadership and disruption.

01. Be Creative

Disruption takes out of the box thinking and time to do proper research. We provide a sounding board and amp.

02. Fail Fast, Fail Often

You’ll get there eventually – at least you don’t have to worry about paying your rent.

03. Network

Get out there and start making collisions. Leverage our rolodex to connect with even the hardest to reach targets.

04. Staff Up

We’ll source the right people to make your vision a reality and maintain operations.

05. Big Legal Stick

Success breeds animosity. We ensure your market position, IP, company are protected and you remain unimpeded.

06. The Right Exit

Knowing when to exit is the hardest thing for an entrepreneur to ascertain. Let our years of failures and successful exits guide you.


Investment Plan?

Most entrepreneurs have a business plan – but do you have an investment plan? Every start-up is different; getting the right money, from the right source at the right time is critical. By formulating an investment plan you de-risk your venture and improve you chances of funding down the line.


Entrepreneurs 1st, Investors 2nd

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